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Written by Neil Ashton.

A professional, eye-catching web design is a blend of creativity and technical expertise, our web designers are blessed with creativity and well versed in the technologies that they use to create quality web designs.  The WebGuru produces websites that will attract and retain your audience, providing them with a first class user experience while generating higher revenues for your business.

For a website to be successful, apart from looking the part, it needs to be both informative and user friendly.  A successful web design will combine informative text and images, in accessible web pages, with a structured navigation, allowing the user to find the information easily.

Web Design and the Future

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As the new media landscape evolves, so do we at The WebGuru .  We are constantly researching the new technologies and ensuring that we have the necessary skills to be in a position to leverage off their strengths.  SInce 1999 our in house specialists have been assisting clients to stay on top of the constantly changing digital marketplace.

Our Approach to Web Design


web design approachAfter in depth communication with our client, where we discuss their goals and expectations for the proposed website and gather additional information to fullfill their requirement, we set a project timeframe and budget.


website design approachDuring this phase of the project, the visual design phase, we concentrate our efforts on addressing the look and feel, navigation and functionality of the website.


seo approachOnce the visual design phase has been approved, our web programmers create the web pages, coding in content and images and optimizing them for the search engines, multi browser compatibility and page load speed.


search engine optimization approachYour website needs to operate effectively in a variety of different environments, we use many of the web standard practices to validate each page to ensure usability, accuracy, functionality and quality.


Internet marketing approachAfter final client approval, we move the website from a development and testing platform to a live production platform.  The website is now live and available on the World Wide Web for your clients to browse and interact on.


The WebGuru approachAs a web services company, our work is never done.  We stay on top of things for you, managing the server your website runs on, monitoring your traffic growth and progress up the search engine rankings.  We review feedback, analyze and refine your website as your situation and requirement changes.

Regardless of whether you are a business startup and need a brand new website to communicate with your target audience, or whether you have an old website that needs a digital overhaul, The WebGurru is your solution to online success!

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