Search Engine Optimization

Written by Neil Ashton.

The WebGuru is a search marketing company with the skills, know how and proven strategies to consistently provide results.  These results deliver an appreciable increase in  targetted traffic and a huge return on investment.

All Those Searches

With an estimated 14 billion searches a month being done in the search engines and with social media sites that have active membership bases that run into the hundreds of millions, there are massive opportuniies on the Internet to grow your business exponentially.  However, to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to rank at the top of the search engines, leverage of pay per click advertising and the social media websites and ensure that your website turns visitors into leads and leads into sales.  If you do not impliment these strategies, then your clients will go to your competitors.

So Many Web Pages

Only 3% of the 10 billion web pages on the Internet are ever served in the search engines results pages, if your website falls into the other 97%, you need a search engine oprimization professional to analyze your web pages and ascertain why they are not being found.

How Will My Web Pages Be Noticed?

search engine optimization process

Successful search engine optimization requires a multi facetted approach and as with any project, starts with a plan.  We call this plan your Internet marketing strategy and it typically consists of the following:

Once we have an approved strategy in place we apply our knowledge and skills to quickly dominate your competitors. 

Proven Track Record

The WebGuru has a proven track record, we don't just talk the talk!  Contact us today and lets create the opportunity for you to dominate your niche, resulting in top search engine rankings, more clients and a huge ROI.

It does not matter how beautiful your website is, or how much time and effort went into creating it, if it is not bringing in your target audience and converting them to solid business leads, then it is not doing what it should for your business.

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